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The Scentify Plug-in Diffuser V2 is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their home. Its powerful diffusion technology, ease of use, and elegant design make it the perfect way to create a 5-star hotel experience in your own home.
The Scentify Plug-in Diffuser V2 is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury and elegance to their home. Its powerful diffusion technology, ease of use, and elegant design make it the perfect way to create a 5-star hotel experience in your own home.
Bliss 100ml

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A luxurious scent that soothes, relaxes, and invigorates. Cool eucalyptus aromas along with complex bergamot fresh acidic notes offer an inviting call to lie back and enjoy life at its most blissful. Secondary notes of white tea along with an array of powdery scents round out this journey of bliss.
Enter a world of well-being, romance and comfort with a scent that invites you to kick back and settle in. Creamy and cashmere notes lead the way, accompanied by a soft floral feel, and topped off with musky wood scents. MIAMI is an oasis of tranquility in a hurried world.
An oil that evokes life’s freshest aromas, led by soft, sweet, and sensual berry properties and accompanied by leafy floral notes. An energizing scent with attractive feminine overtones, 5th Ave represents a luscious garden whose sweet botanical smells are as confidently upbeat as they are warm and welcoming.
A scent lavishly introducing an aura of leathery intimacy with sweet and woody tones. The whispers of breezy, floral mid-tones round out this elegant and stately fragrance as you enjoy a leisurely stroll down olfactory lane.
A scent that takes you away to a relaxing coastline resort where ocean blue and all-inclusive luxury reign supreme. Upbeat and crisp top notes of orange and apple fuse with warmer hints of white tea, lavender, and guaiac wood to bring freshness to life, and serve as a relaxing reminder that life’s a beach.
Wellness and leisure invite you to luxuriate in this unmistakably soothing fragrance. Strong and clean tones of ozone and citrus make their presence felt as more delicate and subtle white tea properties are lifted by subtle hints of wood. White Tea represents life the way you want it remembered.
Not all scents are created equal. SANTAL is a bold and intoxicating perfume that fuses masculine and feminine, bold and mellow, and adventure and comfort. With the signature earthy warmth of sandalwood, papyrus, and vanilla, as well as a collection of lovely, upbeat scents, SANTAL transforms any space with spirit and inspiration.
An effervescent, yet deep scent that is welcoming and sensuous. Famously associated with The Edition Hotel in tropical Florida, Noir fuses the breeze of freshly cut wood and black tea with the aromatic properties of bergamot, lemon, rose and cloves to create an essence that is dry, sweet, and seductively balanced.
Heaven and earth converge as the soft aromas of lavender are paired with the heavy scents of musk to produce this calming and sensual blend. Relax and unwind with the fresh, floral middle notes, while the warm, earthy whiffs of cedar wood and warm vanilla round out a scent that is inviting, comforting and intoxicating.
The iconic City of Light comes to life in this invigorating and passion-filled essence. Luscious and airy top notes lead off a sweet and gallant fragrance that evokes romance and nostalgia via whispers of an intoxicating array of leathery, musky properties. This rich and intense oil is as majestic as the city whose name it bears, and invites life at its most vivid into any space.
Bright blue skies cast their spell with this vivacious, enchanting fragrance. An array of zesty citrus properties brightened by fruity and peppery notes are rounded out with warm patchouli and an assortment of earthy base scents to conjure up the unmistakable feelings of warm vacation days where white sand meets pristine blue water.
A scent that invokes the grandeurs of aristocratic life. Effervescent champagne and notes of apple and cherry blossom make way for the fresh scent of a ravishing floral bouquet. Paired with warm and powdery exotic wood aromas, Madison Avenue brings high life to everyday life.
Invite character into your space with a fresh and soothing fragrance punctuated by vibrant citrus notes. The zestiness of the lemon family is splendidly enhanced and balanced with delicate and sensual complements to brighten any room and bring renewed vigor into your environs.
A fresh and delicate essence bursting with life at its greenest. The gentle sweetness of the rich top notes along with the more complex spicy and wood undertones awakens the olfactory senses like a stroll along with a lush garden on a freshwater bank.
A captivating scent that encapsulates the essence of a sun-kissed day on the California coastline. This fragrance is a harmonious blend of White Tea, which brings a sense of tranquility and serenity, and aromatic Thyme that adds an herbal touch of sophistication. The composition is uplifted by the vibrant and zesty notes of citrus, creating a refreshing and invigorating experience.
A whiff of freshness embraces you as the Charm fragrance fuses airy and citrusy scents with the warm and intense profiles of Tonka bean, vanilla, and guaiac wood. The entire botanical world comes together to brighten your space and bring it to life. Say hello to the clean scent of nature with a fragrance that leaves you charmed and begging for more.
A synthesis of rich fragrances that open their proverbial arms and say welcome. Bright citrus properties harmoniously join with warm and spicy notes in this luxurious oil, inspiring a sense of relaxation, warmth, and energy. Amalfi is sure to elevate any space into the sphere of the five-star destinations.
A scent that signifies an unmistakable aura of success, power, and luxury. The attractively masculine Apollo blends rich and fruity notes with alluring aromas to stimulate the senses and announce a strong and manly presence. Perfect for any guy's space, it is as pleasant as it is vigorous and virile.
Bright and buoyant, this herbal scent invites an irresistible freshness into any room. Lemongrass tea and its hints of spice and zestiness are employed by many leading spas and places of gathering to liven their space and introduce an ambient sense of vivacious wellbeing. Refreshment meets restoration with this sure-to-be-favorite scent.
Intoxicating and refreshing, this unique fragrance combines citrus zestiness, soft floral profiles, and an earthy, musky embrace. The bitter aromatic grapefruit character is seamlessly balanced with the sweet warmth of select wood and musk, as well as sensual floral touch. Inspired by Jo Malone’s Grapefruit fragrance, this is a scent that is experienced, not smelled.
Havana is an enchanting fragrance that transports you to the vibrant streets of the Cuban capital. The scent begins with a warm embrace of waxed wood and rich mahogany, evoking the elegant interiors of Havana's old colonial buildings. The intoxicating aromas of aged rum and bitter orange peels adds a touch of sophistication, while the subtle spice of paprika infuses a hint of passion. Experience the allure of Havana's cigar culture and indulge in the ultimate sensory journey.

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